Serving up in Eco-Friendly Style at "The Lunch Box"

Aug 13, 2015

Not too long ago, Wynwood opened its doors to a new lunchtime hot spot, “The Lunch Box”.  The restaurant was designed around the intention to become the first zero waste restaurant in Miami. Fulfilling his ideal, the owner and his staff deem their main concern and they have been working towards this through various mediums. Form not using anything that isn’t either biodegradable or reusable to offering their returning customers a discount on their next purchase upon their return/reuse of containers.   

“The Lunch Box” also prides itself in supporting local economies in their attempt to virtually only use Florida-grown ingredients (i.e. their mangoes, kale and cucumbers all come from the sunshine state). The fresh ingredients give for a neo-traditional cuisine in which Chef and owner, Carlos Dorado focuses on the quality of his dishes over the fancy flare pursued by others. Dorado lets the high quality ingredients he uses be the natural enhancers to every dish he creates.  

Coming from an economic background, Dorado went back to his roots in Spanish after college and made a quick U-turn with the weak market of 2009.  After years spent as an accountant he decided it was not for him and completed a “flash program” at Johnson & Wales. The program led to his establishment of a food truck and after 2 years and over 100,000 miles he decided to take his creativity beyond the wheels.

When I sat down with Carlos, I asked him “Why Wynwood?” and without skipping a beat he answered, “because Sunset Harbor wouldn’t take me!”  

Of course, he said this half-heartedly and with an earnest laugh. His initial plan had been to set up shop in Sunset Harbor but he is thrilled with Wynwood and the way everything worked out. He is able to express both his passion for food and respect for art as he displays local artists’ work around the restaurant. Each item is for sale and 100% of the profit goes to the artist; his way of giving back to the art community. Along with the art, price tags also sit on all the furniture inside. Carlos wanted to apply “up-cycling” into his work space and allow for things to have a second life. Below are some photographs featuring tables that once had a home on a patio in Paris and in textile shops in Barcelona.  

Be sure to stop by next time your taste buds are searching for a new lunch spot! 

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